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Spring Mounts

Our spring mount vibration control product line includes unhoused, housed and restrained spring mounts, along with seismic mounts and restraints, accessible spring mounts, thrust restraints and air springs.

Unhoused Spring Mounts

Our spring isolators are free-standing and laterally stable, featuring a molded neoprene cup or 1/4” (6mm) neoprene acoustical friction pad between the baseplate and support. All of our product submittals include spring diameters, deflection, compressed spring height and solid spring height. Our unhoused spring mounts are all type SLF.

SLF Mounts

SLF Mounts

SLFH Mounts

SLFH Mounts

SLF SLFH Brackets


Housed Spring Mounts

Our Type ‘C’ spring mounts are designed to address the full scope of your vibration challenges. As a fully packaged solution, they deliver peak performance in environments where a high-yield mount is required to dampen low natural frequencies, such as when applied to light concrete or wooden floors. Our semi-circular neoprene sponge inserts help prevent contact between upper and lower semi-steel castings. Our non-adjustable inserts are recommended for air applications below compressors, centrifugal fans, air handling units and other constant-frequency vibration sources.

C-1 Spring Mount

C – Spring Mounts

CI Spring Mount

CI – Spring Mounts

CIP Spring Mount

CIP – Spring Mounts

CIW Spring Mount

CIW – Spring Mounts

Restrained Spring Mounts

Our restrained spring mounts are designed to be used with SLF mountings in a rigid housing that employs vertical limit stops to minimize spring extension after weight is removed. Internal isolation pads are required for use with all housings, which are designed for peak seismic force resistance.

Accessible Spring Mounts

Careful attention must be paid to mass and air gap considerations when introducing secondary walls to complete a building envelope. For that reason, poured concrete or concrete block walls should be of a similar density to the floor that supports them. Block joints should be filled with mortar and walls painted to help ensure airtight construction. We recommend resting these walls on a floating floor’s perimeter to enable the floor isolation system to support the surrounding walls. As an alternative, an isolated wall can be supported on a structural slab with continuous LDS pads.

Air Springs

Our air springs feature upper and lower steel sections connected by a replaceable flexible nylon reinforced neoprene element. Air spring configurations feature multiple bellows to achieve a maximum natural frequency of 3 Hz. Our air spring systems are designed to work in connection to a building control air or supplementary air supply. They come equipped with three leveling valves for leveling within plus or minus 3 mm. Submittals should include load, natural frequency and damping tests performed by an independent lab or acoustician.

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