Structure Borne

Vibration Isolation and Restraint Systems

Octave3’s Structure Borne Noise and Vibration Solutions present a comprehensive range of products designed to address the challenges of vibration isolation and seismic restraint. With a commitment to delivering top-tier quality and standardized solutions, our offerings are engineered to cater to the unique needs of your project or facility. Whether you’re looking to reduce structure borne noise or ensure the safety of critical equipment during seismic events, Octave3 provides solutions you can rely on.

Mason Industries - VIRS
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In partnership with Mason Industries

As the exclusive Mason Industries distributor for Eastern Canada, we’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive catalog of VIRS product offerings available. Octave3 has the engineering expertise to advise you on how best to address the full scope of your organization’s vibration control needs.

The products you need, when you need them

Contact our team now to discover how Octave3 can provide the products to create an effective solution to your project’s vibration control and restraint challenges.