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Isolation Hangers

Our vibration control products include swing, spring and neoprene hangers, bushings, thrust restraints, pipe expansion hangers, pipe guides and anchors, pipe accessories and seismic bracing components.

30° Swing and Spring Hangers

Our high-qualify swing and spring hangers are designed to provide maximum support across a wide range of mechanical and industrial applications. Designed with flexibility, piping load and displacement range in mind, our hangers offer a versatile solution for your next vibration-control project.

Spring Hangers

Whether utilized to satisfy variable or constant spring support requirements, our spring hangers are carefully-crafted for structural durability—no matter the application or environmental condition in which they’re deployed.

Spring and Neoprene Hangers

Our spring and neoprene hangers are designed with a focus on versatility, flexibility and durability. Most importantly, our expansive product line offers a hanger solution for virtually every vibration-control specification.  

Neoprene Hangers

Our neoprene hangers are designed to provide comprehensive vibration isolation across industrial applications such as suspended mechanical componentry, where a high degree of vibration tends to create system-wide challenges. Built to last, our hangers can be used in virtually any environmental condition.

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