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Octave3 - Engineered Noise and Vibration Control Products

Done right and delivered on time

At Octave3, we’re dedicated to transforming noise into tranquility and chaos into clarity. Our mission is simple: provide the products that will engineer silence for your systems, ensuring that your environments are conducive to focus, productivity, and peace.

We specialize in delivering engineered products designed to address your noise and vibration challenges, providing you with effective solutions precisely when you need them. Regardless of your mechanical noise and vibration issues, Octave3 can provide the engineered products you need. Done right and delivered on time.

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Our Promise: Engineered Noise Mitigation

For over 30 years, our team has built strong relationships with clients across the industrial, commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential sectors. Harnessing the power of precision engineering and acoustical expertise, we craft noise mitigation solutions that are as unique as your modular systems. Our commitment to providing worry-free solutions and a culture of excellent client service aligns seamlessly with our parent company, Parklane Mechanical Acoustics.

Comprehensive Vibration Solutions:

With an exclusive partnership with Mason Industries and Parklane Mechanical Acoustics noise control products in Eastern Canada, Octave3 can offer a wider range of Vibration Isolation and Restraint Systems (VIRS) and airborne noise control products than anyone else.

Expert Engineering

Our experienced team provides engineering and noise mitigation expertise to empower those designing modular systems to achieve unparalleled acoustic performance.

System Integration

Let us work with you to select the engineered components you require for your systems and ensure that they integrate to create the standard you’re looking for.

Exceptional Client Service

Your success is our priority. Our dedicated team works closely with you from inception to completion, ensuring your project is a resounding success.

Explore Our Solutions

Whether you’re an OEM, Contractor, or Owner, our noise and vibration control products can help you build the perfect solution.

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Explore our range of engineered noise and vibration mitigation solutions and redefine your acoustic experience with Octave3. Together, we’ll harmonize your modular systems with tranquility and excellence.
Find out how Octave3 can provide the right products to mitigate your sound attenuation and vibration control challenges.